Sales Results vs Sales Activities: Focusing on Sales KPIs

Focus on Sales Metrics That Drive Results Instead of Sales Activities

When you take a look at measurements and key performance indicators, you need stability in both inputs and results within your sales process.

For example, calls to potential customers are inputs. The results of these calls may be appointment in B2B purchase, and also this may be sales that are simply transaction. Seeing the call as a result is to mistake activity with the preferred result you are trying yo achieve.

Appointments can also be input. The objective of a customer conference is not the conference, this would be to achieve anything, objective / outcome. Despite the selling process is much more non-continuous, the selling process also continues to be an invaluable chart, also it traces things that you’ll need to complete to generate sales. These situations are results of the B2B conferences or B2C appointments, and so they let you know whether you might have created progress.

sales metrics kpis

The actual progress you create with a personal sales contact is definitely a feedback, the result is the potential deal from your selling process or moving to the phase of the process… towards the ultimate goal of a sale. That motion will be the result, and it’s analyzed by observing the selling process.

It’s essential to not mistake inputs with results

For example brand-new consumer purchase is exactly what you would like. By putting also much of the concentration on creating calls, you’re taking a look at activities that states hardly anything regarding how you’re performing and achieving your objective.

Appointments are essential also. You won’t generate a chance to earn a potential consumer without talking to them in the first place. But the conference is merely a feedback, anything worth calculating, although not a sales KPI that lets you know much without taking a look at the result.

And right here we see the reason why most sales people would rather like inputs a lot better than the actual results. To appraise the performance of the sales conference we need to go back to the sales process, sales system and sales performance measurement / KPIs system in order to see the big picture. We need to determine if we acquired a particular objective and that this KPI is really critical and part of the overall strategy. Is the contact truly valuable? Is the potential customer truly a good fit for us?

Results, outputs and outcomes tend to be more essential than our daily activities. Measuring achievement demands you take a look at the inputs and results collectively, and you examine the personal results in method in which enables you to establish their credibility.